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**TITLE** Unblocked

Drift Hunters Unblocked

What Is Drift Hunters Unblocked?

Drift Hunters Unblocked is a realistic driving simulator that was made in Unity that is playable in a web browser. This game is a 3D car drifting game with an overwhelming selection of tracks and plenty of tuned-up cars. There are 10 different maps in Drift Hunters Unblocked. Drift Hunters Unblocked is playable online and unblocked for free in 2022. This is a realistic driving simulator that was made in Unity that is playable in a web browser. This game is all based on your skill of drifting cars on sharp turns.

New Drift Hunters Update In 2022

Recently, Drift Hunters has received an update. This update was in form of a new game that is called Drift Hunters Max. This is playable on This version has the ability to make accounts, this version has a new menu screen, cars, maps, modes, and tuning options. Drift Hunters MAX came out in January of 2022, making it the most recent/newest Drift Hunters update. Before this, Drift Hunters 2 was the most updated version of Drift Hunters unblocked, which you can play on by using this link. This version was simply for bug fixes, and a slight new look for the game.

The History Of Drift Hunters Unblocked

Drift Hunters unblocked has had a long history of special moments and events since it was first published in March of 2017 (release date from on by the user ilya.kaminetsky. Drift Hunters Unblocked first gained its popularity through the website, where many car enthusiasts played this game after it was added to this website. At first, the popularity of the game was spreading through word of mouth. Then, the user xdrift.tiktok, on TikTok posted a video about the game. This is where Drift Hunters Unblocked began to gain its success and popularity. The game continued to grow through repeated TikToks about the game (amassing a total of 33 million views as of the time of writing this article), online web portals adding the game to their site, and new versions of the game coming out.

Tips And Tricks For Drift Hunters Unblocked

There are many tricks in drift hunters that you can use to your advantage. For example, saving up money, and buying the best car. The best car is Porsche 911 GT (993). In this game, you can tune cars/upgrade cars. More information about this can be found below this section. Another tip for drifting in Drift Hunters unblocked is to watch your acceleration (MPH) when nearing corners while drifting. Make sure to also use certain maps for the best drifting experience. Also, drifting side-to-side helps the drift to never end, leading to maximum money and points.

The Best Maps For Drift Hunters Unblocked

To level up in Drift Hunters Unblocked, you need coins to buy new parts for your car/to buy a new car. You can gain points through playing the game. To gain as many points as fast as possible, you want to start drifting as long as you can without losing your streak. By doing this, you can get extra multipliers for extra points. Some of the best maps in Drift Hunters Unblocked for drifting to gain points are the most open maps in the game. The most open maps in Drift Hunters Unblocked is the Docks map, the Port map, and the City map.

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